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DUHOVNI UTRIP – a report on mandalas

You are invited to see a report on the creation of mandalas which will be broadcast on Monday, 22 April 2013, from 17:20 to 17:30 on RTV SLO 1 as part of the television magazine programme “Dobra ura z...”, namely during the programme “Duhovni utrip”.


Mandala Workshop

on Saturday, 11 May 2013, from 10:00 to 13:00,
at the premises of the House of Culture Kamnik
("Dom kulture Kamnik"), Fužine 10.
Hosts: Vanda Omejc and Gabrijela Železnik.

The price for the workshop is EUR 30. Contact persons for applications:
Nataša Kočar (mobile phone: +386 (0)41 82 63 72) and Vanda Omejc (mobile phone: +386 (0)31 68 50 56).

Course of the Workshop: The workshop will introduce you to mandalas, their use, symbols and their importance. You will get to colour your own circular base for mandalas and learn how to concentrate, meditate correctly and even more, you will learn how to raise your consciousness and improve your life with the help of mandalas. We will give you the circular bases (for mandalas); you just need to bring your own coloured pencils or marker pens. Workshop will be held in the Slovenian language.


Website is now also available in the English language!

We are very pleased and excited to introduce our new feature - the English version of our website! Here, it is necessary to mention that the new version also includes mandala messages in English – both in the Gallery section and in the welcoming mandala on the top of the site which is changed daily.

Moreover, we will also strive to make e-news available in the English language as often as possible, and we invite everybody who is interested in mandalas but has not yet visited our website before due to language limitations to register for our Newsletter.


Goodies - music and screensavers

cas je delujIn the Goodies section, you will find a screensaver which is available for download and will decorate your screen with mandalas.

Besides the screensaver, this section, under the tab Music, also offers two compositions by the Slovenian composer Mihael Molka, which are both available for download. The compositions are especially suitable when we want to relax and find peace. Please, feel welcome to browse our Goodies section at any time.


Goodies - wallpapers and colouring books

blazenost ozadje thumbThe Goodies section also offers wallpapers and colouring book templates, all of which are available for download.

The screensaver and music will soon be available for download from our website.


Welcome to the website

radostThis website is a result of our endeavours to share with you our love for mandalas. Now, the website is finally here!
The mandalas with their messages on the top of the website change daily and other contents will be updated soon. We hope that you will find our website useful and interesting.

Our works are available in the Books section, and you will find the latest announcements and news in the Misc section. Check out our Gallery section for mandalas with messages and photos from various exhibitions and events.

It is especially worth mentioning that “goodies” (wallpapers, screensavers, colouring books) will be uploaded to the website in the coming days, which will be available for download free of charge, so remember to visit our website regularly.

On this occasion, we want to thank everybody who has helped in any way to make this website a reality. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website.

Vanda Omejc, Gabrijela Železnik.


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